1704 – TF72 Our Town Model Show

Event Sitrep No: 1704 – Our Town Model Show

Date of Event:    9th and 10th September 2017

Location of Event:  Newcastle Jockey Club,

Broadmeadow, NSW

Ships in Attendance: Approximately 25 models were displayed ranging in size from Cruisers to MTBs

Members in Attendance:   Chas, Jim, Wolfgang, Rob, Richard, Peter, Allan, Chris, Phil, Tony and Craig.

Event Actions:    Six members from Hunter Central & three from Greater Sydney displayed models & the club’s President & newly elected Secretary turned up to support us on Saturday. With Wolfgang & Mark having their own display of not so little r/c Tiger tanks, which roam the hall creating havoc with authentic sound systems. Our display was most impressive with the public asking lots of questions and passing on many compliments. Always takes me a day or two to get over the number of railway displays and memorabilia. One display that turns up & gives Allan, at least, a great deal of pleasure every year, I don’t think that you could classify them as ‘dolls houses’, but I would call them ‘delicious domestic dioramas’, maybe they appeal to my suppressed inner female !!! but they always make me smile. And speaking of bargain trains, I did acquire a new steam loco at a very pleasant price. A BR Standard 4MT 2-6-0 for those who know about these things, & also a beautifully bashed about & weathered BHP ore wagon for $5.

Note the really close up photos of 2 of Allan’s models, MUMBAI & FRISCO, these shots were taken late Sunday afternoon just before we were about to pack up. The sun was setting & shining through the large western side windows creating long interesting shadows on the models, which just went begging to be recorded, & were. For those who are wondering what on earth the boxy thing is with the number B 35 on it, rest assured, it is a /72 scale replica of a WW2 British Mulberry harbour cassion, built by our unorthodox Newcastle member Richard. Mulberry’s were built out of concrete to form large artificial harbours for the invasion of Nazi occupied Europe in 1944. Once again, a big thanks to the guys who turn up to this event every year & set up & dismantle, next year we’ll see if we can do it in our sleep, but I ain’t sleepin’ anywhere near Chas!