1705 – TF72 Canberra Model Shipwrights Society Expo Report

Event Sitrep No:  1705 – TF72 Canberra Model Shipwrights Society Expo Report

Date of Event:      16th and 17th September 2017

Location of Event:     Mount Rogers School, Melba, ACT

Ships in Attendance: The largest model we displayed was Charles Robinson’s pre-modernisation HMAS VAMPIRE. Other models displayed in 1/72 scale were Tank Landing Craft 01 numbers A6 and A16 (German). Other striking 1/72 scale ships were Bob Murdoch’s AGI OREGON, Peter Cole’s HMA Ships PARRAMATTA 1 , HMAS VOYAGER 1, FREMANTLE and ARMIDALE. David Peterson displayed RFS BOIKY – 532 and HMA Ships BALLARAT 1 and CULGOA 1. Doug Bain showed SS RIP and HMA Ships TEAL and HUON. Karl Maurer displayed his Type IX U-boat. Visitors were Tony Page who displayed his Germen FAC GRETCHEN and Ron De Brueys from FBWW who displayed his RN OPV. We had a special display of Flowers including PA-2, HMCS AGASSIZ, HMCS SACKVILLE, and HMS HEATHER. Other notable ships included Clyde Puffer HAMISH, two x LCM3s, Vosper MTB 234, and LSM CLIVE STEELE . Other ships included Tug SMIT FINLAND as well as Paddle steamers AXELANDER ARBUTHNOT and WIEN.

Members in Attendance: Peter Cole, Bob Murdock, Karl Maurer, Tony Page, Ron De Brueys of FBWW as well as Alex Goodieson, Doug Bain. Others who displayed included Mick David, John Harriot, and Trish Price – ACTMBC

Event Actions:   This is a major static event sponsored annually by the Canberra Model Shipwrights (CMSS). It was held over the weekend of 15 to 17 September at Mt Rogers Primary school at Melba. We entered some 47 models between TF72 and ACTMBC predominantly 1/72. This year was special in that a TF72 ship gained a placing from the public vote – the first time TF 72 has been so recognised. This 1/72 Flower was finished as PA-2 of the Kriegsmarine having been captured on the stocks in France and completed as a FLAK ship. The model was built by Bob Murdoch and attracted a lot of interest.

An incredibly wide range of ships were displayed over the weekend from magnificent square riggers to the tiny jewels at 1/1250 scale of such ships as HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN and a number of maritime equipment models. This is a display well worth attending if only to meet the very wide range of excellent modellers who attend. TF 72 members should consider displaying next year.


Steve Batcheldore is giving a 3D printing lesson to FBC guys in this photo, 3D printing is a powerful tool which is worth learning particularly with the price of 3D printers dropping rapidly and easily available from the likes of Hobby King.