1706 – TF72 Fremantle Maritime Day

Event Sitrep No: 1706 – TF72 Fremantle Maritime Day Event Report

Date of Event: 4th November 2017

Location of Event: Victoria Quay, Fremantle, WA

Ships and Members in Attendance:

Pete Pawlete – USS Constellation and USS Scorpion,

Robert Ritchie – Peter the Great, Glen Howells – HMS Hermes,

Andrew Kemp – JMSDF Osumi and HNLMS Tromp,

Nigel Rockey – HMAS Toowoomba, and

Sam Keller – Clyde puffer.

Event Actions: Saturday 4th Nov was FBP’s annual display at Fremantle Maritime Day. It’s a big day for us, a family day all about ships run by the RAN and the Fremantle Port Authority. As usual, the weather was great, with plenty on display to look at. The Perth membership put on a good display with a nice mix of models great and small, adding up to approx 20m of models for the public to look at.

A big thank you to the guys who put in the time preparing, unpacking, answering all the questions and then packing it all up again at the end of the day.

Cheers Robert