Fleet Base Perth 1705 – TF72 November Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No.     FBP-1705 November Mission Report

Date of Mission:       10th November 2017

Location of Mission:   Jackadder lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Weather: It was a great day here in Perth Sunny with a slight breeze which occasionally gusted to 15 or so km/h from the South West with the water quite flat, unfortunately the lake has been cut in half due to a large weed issue, so our sailing area has been reduced somewhat.

Ships and Members in Attendance: The crew who attended were Glen with HMS Hermes, Rob R with Peter the Great, Nige R with HMAS Toowoomba, Peter P with Submarine USS Scorpion and Serge S with HMS Ardent, Andrew turned up later. As it was Remembrance Day yesterday I asked the skippers to have a Poppy on their ships, those are the red objects you may see in some photos.

Mission Actions: Today sail day can only be described as frustrating as Ardent was leaving the anchorage stern first when she caught some overhanging reeds, she loses the 992 radar (bother) and also pushes the starboard stabilizer out of alignment, which I did not realize at the time makes the model swing to starboard, frustrating having to make constant steering corrections at the time I thought it was the wind. Later I checked and the stabilizer was down by a few degrees, could not make running repairs so Ardent retired for the day. Next Rob R had a few propulsion issues; the port coupling kept spinning on the shaft so Peter the Great spent most of the day in the anchorage. Rob then tried to sail tug Argus, the hero of many a rescue, no go! Peter P had issues with the Scorpions trim, he eventually got it right, and he spent the rest of the day diving and surfacing and trying to avoid the bigger stuff, at one point both Ardent and Toowoomba were after him.

Toowoomba and Hermes had to fly the flag for reliability – Hermes looks great with the lattice mast complete; Glen has got this model working really well now – can’t wait to see it finished and carrying its airwing when this model is on display it is a real eye catcher. Ardent accompanied Hermes several times as escort and they looked great. Toowoomba flew around the lake and also looked great Nige has tweaked a couple of things and she is sailing better than ever.

Like I said a frustrating day, myself and Rob having to go home and work on repairs for the next sail day, as Arnie says “We’ll be Back”

At one point we had a Swan and her brood sail into our area conducting line ahead manoeuvres.

Enjoy the photos

Cheers Serge