Fleet Base Gulf Waters 1701 – TF72 November Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No.     FBGW-1701 November Mission Report

Date of Mission:      18th and 19th November 2017

Location of Mission:  Naracoorte Swimming Lake, located on Moore Street , Naracoorte, SA

Weather:   The weather behaved itself for the weekend , getting quite warm on Saturday while Sunday turned out to be a pleasant day , with a light breeze

Mission Actions: Well our yearly run to Naracoorte has been and gone. They had 80mm of rain on the Wednesday & Thursday leading up to our arrival , and as a result , this created an algael bloom on the water , which was not pleasant , as it clung to ships hulls like glue. Had the usual suspects from both SA & Vic , with Karl down from Canberra. Always attends our weekend. Hopefully Bruce ( B2 ) may post some photos and Haigh from FBV with some from his sub. Sunday turned out to be a pleasant day , with a light breeze , which dissipated the algae to a great proportion. Not as many public visiting over the weekend as in the past , as there were other events on around the district.

Next years event will be held on the weekend of Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th , so put the dates in your calendar.

Cheers, Jim