Fleet Base Perth 1707 – TF72 December Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No.     FBP-1707 December Mission Report

Date of Mission:       10th December 2017

Location of Mission:   Jackadder lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Weather:   Slightly cloudy, slight breeze and very hot.

Mission Actions:  Today is our Christmas windup sail – lunch time Barbie with family and friends. The days theme without much thought or effort was Carriers and Escort. Line up today is Tony H with U177, which he is currently working on, Tony hails from Narrogin which is aprox 2 and half hour drive North East of Perth, we don’t see Tony very often – thanks for the effort. Andrew skipper of Osumi , Rob with Peter the Great, Glen with Hermes, Bob with tug Irma and Missouri as static display, Serge (me) with Ardent the only escort. The star attraction of the day was Peter P with USS Constellation conducting her first open water sail. The last time most of us saw Connie was in Pete’s swimming pool, it was fantastic to see the model in the water and performing well – great stuff and congratulations Pete from all of us! We also had visitors from the Cycle touring Association of WA; this visit was prearranged some time ago, with approximately 10 cyclists with family attending. Thanks to Stan and Tony for organizing the visit. It was a very busy scene for a while as the visitors were up for asking a lot of questions and congratulating the builders on their models. When we got around to sailing, the little models Ardent and Tug Irma, stayed out of the way of the big ships, the flattops and Peter the Great conducted OOW maneuvers with Ardent and Tug Irma in the rear (much safer).

Most members stayed for BBQ lunch A great day with some notable events Cheers and enjoy the photos,