Fleet Base Perth 1801 – TF72 January Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No. FBP-1801 January Mission Report

Date of Mission: 7th January 2018

Location of Mission: Jackadder lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Weather: It was a great day weather wise, temp mid 20s with a gentle breeze.

Ships in Attendance & Members in Attendance: Skippers with their charges, Glen H with HMS Hermes, Bob with KMS Bismarck, Rob R with both HMAS Melbourne and USS Roosevelt, Peter P with HMAS Darwin and USS Scorpion (submarine), Richard with HMS Brioney (Flower Class) Nige R with HMAS Toowomba and Serge (me) with the type 22 HMS Brilliant.
Also in attendance was Graeme W who we have not seen for some time due to illness – welcome back mate.

Mission Actions: Today was Fleet Base-Perth’s first sail day for the New Year – A great turnout with 9 vessels making an appearance.
We tried to practice OOW manoeuvres – some skippers handed the control their models to others skippers so they could take photos – in my case big mistake I take control of Roosevelt – take out a buoy, then get to skipper Darwin – managed not to scratch it – very pleased to hand it over. Graeme W skippered Brilliant for me – no probs. It was great to catch up with all after the festivities.

Hope you all enjoy the photos,

Cheers Serge