Fleet Base Perth 1802 – TF72 January Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No. FBP-1802 January Mission Report

Date of Mission: 21st January 2018

Location of Mission: Jackadder lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Weather: Hot with very slight breeze – water conditions were perfect – Perth had copped a rain event of over 100mm the lake has risen by well over a metre.

Members and Ships in Attendance: It was a very quiet day – in attendance were HMS Brilliant – Skipper (Serge) Me with tug Ulysis also. USS Scorpion – Skipper Peter P and our newest recruit Mario B with his USS Lassen.

Mission Actions:

The Perth Base has just received its Bali Flag and that was hoisted for the first that day – great visual.

Peter had to stop sailing Scorpion as it was taking in water from a rod control gland that controls the diving planes on the sail – as he had not brought his tools with him Scorpion retired for the day. I handed over the controls for the tug and he skippered tug Ulysis for the rest of the day.

We basically sailed and chatted in regards new builds, giving our newest member as much encouragement and information as we can to get him started on his first build.

As I said earlier it was a very quiet day even the pedestrian traffic was low and as I had a family event we all packed up early.

Cheers Serge