Fleet Base Perth 1803 – TF72 February Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No. FBP-1803 February Mission Report

Date of Mission: 4th February 2018

Location of Mission: Jackadder lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Weather: The venue Jackadder Lake – the day started extremely overcast but got better and better – water conditions clear and the lake has risen even higher since my last report – a great day for a sail.

Ships in Attendance: A variety of models including a few new builds.

Members in Attendance: Bruce, Jim, Graham, Rob, Bruce, Richie, Tom and Scott

Members and Ships in Attendance: Skippers with their ships were Andrew K with HNLMS Tromp, Peter P with HMAS Darwin, Nige with HMAS Toowoomba, Bob G and USS Missouri, Rob R and Peter the Great and myself (Serge) with HMS Brilliant and tug Ulises also in attendance was Graeme W who skippered Tug Ulises.

Mission Actions:

Most of the morning was spent sailing and talking we also had a lot of interaction with the general public, at one point I was answering a lot of questions from a lovely 3 year-old with his mum in regards the tug and he also asked who was driving the big boat (Brilliant). We also many enquiries in regard the next appearance of the carrier (Constellation) as one lady said to me she wanted to bring her grandchildren down to the lake to show them. Peter take note

We also tried to undertake OOW manoeuvres, but most of the models had some sort of trouble of one kind or another – we were all dropping out of the line and then re-joining the line, Peter the Great and Missouri acted as leaders, all the escorts stayed in the rear much safer. All I can say we need a lot of practice. Enjoy the photos