1801 – Fleet Base Perth WASMEX modelling exhibition

Event Sitrep – 1801 WASMEX modelling exhibition

Date of Event – Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April

Venue –  Cannington Exhibition Hall – Cannington

Ships in Attendance – USS Constellation, JMSDF Osumi, HMS Ardent, HMAS Darwin, USS Scorpion, HMAS Toowoomba, HMS Brilliant, and the Hull of HMS Endurance A171.

Members Peter and son, Andrew, Nige, Glen and Serge

This is an annual event held in Perth and is attended by a large range of modelling and hobby clubs as well as vendors of kits and other gear. The event is held over two days of the weekend and includes a buy swap market where vendors and individuals will put up displayed stock at 15% or better down on listed prices this market is for the public, also as part of the exhibition there is a competition section where a modeller can enter their model. These models are judged against similar models, materials or build methods. The models ranged from tanks, planes and even busts of military figures, dioramas were also a high light. The range of displays started at Meccano, who’s display was opposite us, next door was the Australian Model Ship Society club, SMCWA, PDMC – Perth District Modelling Club, West Australian Miniatures Association were just some of the exhibitors.

This is the third year that Taskforce72 fleet base Perth has attended and it was our largest turnout yet. We had great support and communications with the event organisers before the exhibition and who made sure we got a good display area – last couple of years has been a bit cramped.

Most of Fleet Perth members attended, not all brought a model but they were there to help. It was a great two days we spoke with the public; we compared notes with other modellers and got to view and admire some seriously great work. I managed to take some photos please enjoy.