Fleet Base Perth 1805 – TF72 June Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No: FBP-1805 June Mission Report

Date of Mission: 4th June 2018

Location of Mission: Jackadder lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Weather: The weather gods were shining on us as the conditions were perfect with overcast clouds and no wind, giving the perfect long wake of the boats as they sail past you.

Members and Ships in Attendance: Skippers in attendance with their charges were Glen – HMS Hermes, Andrew – HMS Manchester, Nige – HMAS Toowoomba and Pete – USS Skipjack.

Mission Actions:

After the sad passing of our friend Serge, which we laid to rest on Saturday. FBP held an impromptu sailing day on Monday as it being WA Day, it seemed appropriate.

Nigel brought his ever-faithful HMAS Toowoomba to undertake the above water weeding and Pete brought down his USS Skipjack to undertake the below water weeding.

Glen brought down his ever impressive HMS Hermes which has now started to embark its air detachments of 2 Harriers and a Seaking. It will look even more impressive with all the aircraft embarked as she was in the Falklands War.