Fleet Base Hunter Central 1802 – TF72 June Mission Report

Date of Mission:   23 June 2018

Location of Mission:   Australian Motor Homes Tourist Park, 12 Mile Creek, North of Newcastle.

Weather:   Clear Sky, calm and temperature range 10 – 15c.

Ships in Attendance:

HMS Campanula – Flower Class Corvette (RD)

HMS Poppy – Flower Class Corvette (RL)

John Oxley – Steamer – Ex Brisbane Pilot Vessel (RL)

HMS Beagle – Survey Ship (RL)

INS Athay Pauk 11 FAC – Indian Corvette (AP)

HMS Savage –S Class Destroyer (AP)

HMS Albert – Liverpool Tug (PJ)

Northend – Liverpool Tug (PJ)

Warang – Sydney Harbour Steam Tug (PJ)

HMCS Snowberry – Flower Class Corvette (TP)

HMAS Macquarie – River Class Frigate (TP)

Members in Attendance:    Allan, Rob, Peter, Richard, Tony.

Mission Actions:

We were all very pleased to see the water level in the pond is a little higher after the rain. Great sailing conditions and some impromptu formation sailing went ahead without incident. Once the 72 scale ships were packed away, Tony brought out his PBR and took advantage of the still conditions. Lunch afterwards at the Karuah RSL finished the day.