Fleet Base Greater Sydney 1802 – TF72 Penrith 21 Oct 2018 Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1802 Mission Report

Date of Mission: 21 October 2018.

Location of Mission: Penrith Regatta Centre, Penrith, NSW.

Weather: Weather was threatening at 0930 with dark clouds and a breeze that caused a little chop on the lake however by late morning the weather cleared to a humid day and light winds. What looked ordinary at the start of the sail turned out to be a great day at the venue.

Ships in Attendance: Peter the Great, USS Kirk, RN Fleet Tug Collie, HMAS Norman.

Members in Attendance: Phil Chapman, Robert Ritchie, Michael & Robyn Brown, Mike James, Peter Schroder and Kit Low.

Members and Ships in Attendance: Skippers with their ships were Phil Chapman with USS Kirk, Rob Ritchie with Peter the Great, Michael Brown with Collie and a new Fairmile D hull, Mike James with his Coast Guard Cutter and Steve Batcheldor with HMAS Norman and a Cape Class Patrol Boat.

Mission Actions:
General sailing took place throughout the day. I test sailed my newly acquired and refurbished Knox Class Frigate USS Kirk, after checking the ballast it was time for a test sail, I had too much left rudder dialled into my computer transmitter which needed to be dialled back other than that Kirk sailed nicely, she has a bit of a roll which I will need to watch in turns on a windy day but overall I was very happy with its performance. Michael test sailed a new 1/72 Fairmile D which firstly lost a prop and then ran intermittently, so Michael has a little work to do to it. We had guest Steve Batcheldor from Fleet Base Wagga Wagga join us with his Minehunter HMAS Norman plus his Cape Class Patrol Boat which didn’t run due to electrical issues and Mike James had his Coast Guard Cutter which also didn’t sail due to Mike bringing the wrong transmitter.