Fleet Base Greater Sydney 1803 – Wentworth Falls 28 Oct 2018 Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1803 Mission Report

Date of Mission: 28 October 2018

Location of Mission: Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls, NSW

Weather: It wasn’t looking good on the weather front when we arrived at Wentworth Falls, with sprinkling rain, fog and a chill to the breeze but fortunately the rain and fog cleared with a slight cool wind blowing.

Ships in Attendance: HMAS Melbourne, USS Cheyenne, Coastguard Cutter, Concept Patrol Boat, I53, HMAS Macquarie, RMAS Lamlash, RMAS Collier.

Members in Attendance: Phil Chapman, Michael & Robyn Brown, Rob Ritchie, Tony Page, Mike James and Mark Buttsworth.

Members and Ships in Attendance: Ships in attendance were Rob Ritchie with HMAS Melbourne FFG, Phil Chapman with USS Cheyenne LA Attack Submarine, Mike James with his Coast Guard Cutter, and a test sail by Mike of a concept patrol boat offered by Forgacs of Newcastle as a contender for the RAN’s Fremantle replacement, Tony Page with I53 Japanese Submarine and HMAS Macquarie River Class Frigate, Michael Brown with RMAS Lamlash Loyal Class Fleet Tender and RMAS Collier Fleet Tug and a test sail of a Fairmile H LCI (S) Landing Craft Support.

Mission Actions:

General sailing took place throughout the day. Rob, Mike and I practiced some close formation sailing for a photo opportunity and it was good to see two operational subs on patrol.