Fleet Base Greater Sydney 1805 – Wentworth Falls 16 Dec 2018 Mission Report

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1805 Mission Report

Date of Mission: 16 December 2018

Location of Mission: Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls, NSW


Well the BOM got the weather half right, it was fine and warm but we had anything but light winds, in fact the lake was reminiscent of the North Atlantic at times with strong gusts making sailing a challenge especially in the turns.

Ships in Attendance:

USS Kirk, USS Kimberly, USS Hazelwood, HMAS Diamantina, HMAS Macquarie, RMAS Collie, RMAS Lamlash, RMAS Bustler, Fairmile H LCS (L) (2) 256.

Members in Attendance:

Michael & Robyn Brown, Jim Campion, Chris Utley, Tony Page, Mark Buttsworth, John Konda & Phil Chapman.

Mission Actions:

General sailing took place throughout the morning. The gusting West North Westerly was challenging at times especially in the turns, I had to keep alert with Kirk as she was healing severely in the turns. Michael revelled in the chop as usual with his little fleet and it was nice to see the two Fletchers and the two River’s sailing together.

Although quite windy we had a good morning’s sailing but by midday the wind got the better of us and we had packed up.