Navy Arvo Mission Report 1904 – WHCC 2 March 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1904

Date of Mission: Navy Arvo Saturday 2 February 2019

Location of Mission: Workers Hubertus Country Club, Luddenham


It was cloudy with rain threatening but fortunately didn’t eventuate during our sailing period. The cooler weather was a welcomed change from the sweltering heat we have had at previous runs of late.

Ships in Attendance:

It was a typical Navy Arvo with various scales being sailed which included a Destroyer, Frigate, a number of Patrol Boats, trawlers and tugs.

Members in Attendance:

Phil Chapman, Craig Taylor, Rob Ritchie, Steve Taylor, Joe Zaragoza, Tony Page, Chris Uttley, Jim Campion, Michael Brown, Peter Schroder, John Konda, Dave Pearce and Brian McKellar. Apologies if I have left anyone off as I didn’t take names of TF members on the day and my list is from memory.

Mission Actions:

An enjoyable morning of sailing took place, incident free, well, I won’t mention Dave Pearce’s tug being rescued by Joe Zaragoza’s tug and Dave’s flybridge coming adrift and almost sinking when he opened up his monstrous cabin cruiser, fortunately Dave was near the edge of the water and quickly ran in to fetch it. Not much more to report, see you all soon.