Navy Arvo Mission Report 1901 – WHCC 5 January 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1901

Date of Mission: 5 January 2019

Location of Mission: Navy Arvo, Workers Hubertus Country Club


The BOM promised a 38 degree day and as usual they were wrong, it was hotter, when I left the club at 1330 hrs my car said it was 42 degrees! In fact, it was so hot at the lake we were all up at the club by 1130 hrs.

Ships in Attendance:

USS Valley Forge (under construction), HMCS Snowberry, HMS Arabis, HMS Bluebell.

Members in Attendance:

Chris Utley, Tony Page, Mark Buttsworth, Phil Chapman, Peter Schroder, Craig Taylor, Rob Corner, Brian McKellar, Stephen Taylor, Joe Zaragoza and a visit by Michael Elst from Fleet Base Wagga Wagga.

Mission Actions:

Our first outing for the new year and a typical Navy Arvo day with a number of different scale vessels in attendance on the water. The water level in the lake is higher and the weeds are gone which was a welcomed sight. The TF72 members with 1/72 scale ships in the water were Tony Page and Brian McKellar with their Flower Class Corvettes and Craig Taylor test sailed his newly acquired, still under construction, Ticonderoga Class Cruiser USS Valley Forge. The Forge had two of the new Crest motors in her and she had a nice scale speed and cut a lovely wake.