Fleet Base Gulf Waters Mission Report 1901 – 24 February 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGW-19051

Date of Mission: Sunday 24th February 2019

Location of Mission: Bonython Park Boat Pond


Forecasted maximum temperature was 37 degrees , with overnight temp around the low 20’s.  Quite warm when we started.

Ships in Attendance:

HMAS Moresby, HMAS Vampire , HMAS Brisbane, USS Independence, USS California,  Japanese submarine I-53, USCGN Acushnet , plus others in various stages of their build.

Members in Attendance:

Jim Warren, Bruce Stevens, Bruce Petrie, Chris Gaffney, Nick Atkinson, Richard Atkinson, Bob Phillips, Geoff Ferguson, Tony Harrison, Vince Capurso, Tom Cholich, Kevin Bassell, Peter Hughes and Rob  Turnbull.

Mission Actions:

We arrived around 0830, & finding B2 ( Bruce Stevens ) had already arrived. A lot of rubbish was in the pond, mainly duck feathers, tree foliage & general rubbish, which generally get blown in. Very little wind to worry about, although it changed directions during the morning to come in from the North, which pushed all this rubbish over to our berthing positions, as will be seen in some of the photo’s.  Wrapped up early, due to the increasing temperatures. Handed out a New Member application as I was about to leave.