Penrith Run Mission Report 1909 – International Regatta Centre 6 April 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1909

Date of Mission: Saturday 6 April 2019

Location of Mission: International Regatta Centre, Penrith


Weather was great, sunny, slight breeze at times with the lake looking like glass for most of the run.

Ships in Attendance:

USS Roosevelt, USS Kimberly, HMS Savage, HMAS Arunta, HMS Grey Goose, Sydney Harbour Tug Waratah.

Members in Attendance:

Phil Chapman, Allan Pew, Chris Uttley, Rob Ritchie, Michael & Robyn Brown, Mike James, Peter Schroder.

Mission Actions:

The water level of the lake was the highest I have seen. In fact, it was over the grate walkway onto the pontoon which meant shoes off and trousers rolled up. A pleasant days sailing took place with Michael & Robyn getting there late as they had been to a plant market on the way and the car was full of plants, not much room for Michaels small fleet which were two of Peter Jones’ models, the Denny Steam Gun Boat HMS Grey Goose in its gas turbine test bed guise where, in the mid 1950’s it hit 50 knots and the tug Waratah.