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Nuship Stalwart

Posted: 17 Sep 2019 00:50
by glenhowells
August 31st was the the day that stalwart entered the water for the fist time. I noticed her pennant number is ex Success 304. The old Stalwart carried 215 thought she would have had that one to carry on the theme of ships of old and there pennant numbers. I know that the old stalwart was not a tanker or supply ship but was a support ship a floating repair and services ship. Canberra Adelaide Hobart Brisbane Supply have there predecessors pennant so why is Stalwart not going to have 215. Anyone have an other point of view.
Cheers Glen

Re: Nuship Stalwart

Posted: 17 Sep 2019 14:59
by RussF172
I'm never sure how they come up with the Pennant Numbers they do. I've actually (not trying to drop names here) been having a discussion with VADM Mike Noonan (CN) about the pennant numbers for the new HUNTER Class FFGs. I want to put one on the model we are doing but so far they haven't come up with anything. He asked for my suggestions on it. I have suggested 101 though 109 but seeing none of the names for the ships have been used before for major units there is no background for any of them. Will have to sit back and wait and see.

Re: Nuship Stalwart

Posted: 17 Sep 2019 19:52
by MikeJames
I understand Western Navy's (well NATO ones and affiliated others such as the RAN) all select numbers from sequences allotted to each ship type.

Success and Sirius had numbers allocated from the AOR sequence. As the replacements are AORs I suspect they reused the existing AOR numbers.

Stalwart (II) was a depot ship and her number was allocated from the AD class list. Perhaps that number on the AOR list was already in use.

The three AWDs use numbers previously allocated from the destroyer sequence and not allocated to anyone else in the destroyer sequence. The RN Type 45s take the numbers below them and the USN Burkes start at 51. That means that if we had done the right thing and kept building Hobarts we could have taken up to 8 more numbers (43-50).

Canberra and Adelaide swapped their pennant numbers in the frigate series (01 and 02) for the same numbers in the amphibious stream (L01 and L02). That means another NATO Navy could use the numbers 01 and 02 for frigates, as they are currently free.