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Postby CarlLinkenbagh » 18 Aug 2011 19:57

Well I suppose this doesn't come as a suprise......but the Defence Minister announced today that our much loved HMAS KANIMBLA will be decommissioned ahead of schedule. It's very sad to think that Fighting 51 will never turn a screw in the service of her country again and will join her sistership MANOORA in the history books.

I've been associated with KANIMBLA in one way or another since 01 May 2000 when I joined her whilst still in upgrade at Forgacs in Newcastle. Not long after that - we were off and sailing going wherever and whenever the Navy needed us. Whether it was for amphibious training in Queensland, operational in the Arabian Gulf (we were right next to the Arleigh Burke that fired the first missile at Iraq in 2003) and Solomon Islands or showing the flag both nationally and internationally - we were there when they needed us.

KANIMBLA went on to have a distinguished RAN career and contributed more than her fair share at the coal face of some very important and significant operations, most of which were in frequently difficult and challenging circumstances for the crew....and none more so than us engineers who kept the propellers turning, the power on, the fresh water flowing, the helicopters fuelled, the toilets flushing and many other things 24 hours a day 7 days week. KANIMBLA and MANOORA were not spring chickens and every day was a challenge for us in one way or another.

It takes a special type of sailor to work on the LPAs, and I am honoured to have served with some magnificent sailors who despite the odds selflessly did their duty and kept the old battleaxe safe at sea.

Bon voyage KANIMBLA. We love you and we'll miss you.

Kanimbla scrap date brought forward
Posted August 18, 2011 15:22:22

Defence Minister Stephen Smith says the Navy's HMAS Kanimbla will be decommissioned because it is too expensive to try to make it seaworthy.

The amphibious ship has not operated since last September because of concerns about its seaworthiness, and it would have cost $35 million for the maintenance required to return it to service.

Mr Smith says an assessment revealed the most cost-effective and lowest-risk option for dealing with the ship's problems was for it to be decommissioned.

Earlier this year the Navy decommissioned HMAS Manoora for the same reasons.

Kanimbla was already scheduled to be decommissioned at the end of 2014.

A new amphibious ship bought from the UK at a cost of about $100 million is not due to arrive until December and another one is having maintenance.

Mr Smith says he is looking at options to ensure there are no gaps in Defence's capability.

"In the past I've generally said that we're looking at all the available options in our area... whether they're commercial or whether they're assets that Customs might have or the Antarctic division might have," he said.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-08-18/d ... ce/2845528
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Postby steppenrig » 18 Aug 2011 21:09

Farewell Kanimbla. I never served on her, but I've done a few stern doors with her, along with other stuff.

LCH's will be next, even though they have been extended 12 months. One of them had a career defining moment today.
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Postby MikeJames » 19 Aug 2011 07:38

steppenrig wrote:LCH's will be next, even though they have been extended 12 months. One of them had a career defining moment today.

Care to elucidate?

On similar news I know that the LCMs will be scrapped shortly, their design and construction was stuffed up from day one. They are sitting on the hard stand up in Queensland and will be sold in situ.

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Postby RussF172 » 19 Aug 2011 13:17

Well, that's it, I'm now officially obsolete!!! KANIMBLA was the last ship that I ever served on and paid off from her in 2000. Out of the dozen or so ships I served on, she was the last one left. MELBOURNE, SUPPLY, TORRENS, YARRA, STALWART, CANBERRA, ADELAIDE, BRISBANE, HOBART, WARRNAMBOOL, FREMANTLE and now KANIMBLA. Good bye old girl, you will be missed.

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