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General Questions to the Adminstrator regarding the Forum
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Login access

Postby MartinBg » 14 Sep 2012 07:53

Name: Matthew Perry
Email Address: perrysplanes@gmail.com
Date: Thursday 13-Sep-12 21:53:25 GMT
Subject: Login access

Has entered the following message into the contact form:
I'm writing to find out if my account to this forum is going to be activated or not. I registered under PEZZER2003.
And do I have to join TS72 (which I intend to do soon) to get access?

And who would be the best POC for the Sydney Area and there sailing days?

Many Thanks and Regards,
Matthew Perry
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Re: Login access

Postby MichaelB » 14 Sep 2012 19:34

The webmaster should be able to help you for log in.

Fleet Base Sydney's next run will be Sunday 23rd Sept up at Wentworth Falls Lake.


Michael Brown
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Re: Login access

Postby administrator » 19 Sep 2012 17:02

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The Administrator
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Re: Login access

Postby pezzer2003 » 19 Sep 2012 18:59

Thank you...


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