Fleet Base Perth Running Day

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Fleet Base Perth Running Day

Postby SergeSera » 30 Jul 2017 23:42

Good Evening All,

A quick report on todays Perth Base running day.

Weather overcast and then very sunny , water cold but otherwise brilliant running conditions.

In attendance was Rob with Roosevelt and tug Argus, , Nige with Toowoomba, Glen with Hermes who has been a way for a while and Serge (me) with Ardent. Also Graeme W, Peter P, Andrew and Bob, was also in attendance, the three gents dis not sail today as they were recovering from the dreaded lurgy. We also welcomed Richard K a member we have not seen for some time – thanks.

Today’s sail day we would have to say was very interesting and entertaining.
Glen started proceedings as he was preparing Hermes, the hull comes in two sections and as he was preparing to bolt the two halves together, the bow decided to turn turtle and fill with water – no biggie. Preparing to sail Hermes check all running gear – all good push the Hermes stern first out and total system failure – we watched as Hermes got further out on the lake and no control – Ardent managed to slow her down a bit, Rob had just arrived and rescued Hermes with tug Argus.
Next Nige sailing Toowoomba out in the middle of the lake, his radio controller falls in the water Toowoomba commences some serious circle work – Ardent goes in to help and leaves very quickly, fortunately nature intervenes with some this time very handy weed around the props which slow Toowoomba down enough for the Argus to do her stuff again and Toowoomba was recovered.

Like I said a great sailing day a few laughs a couple of anxious moments and a very handy vessel Argus the hero of the day

Enjoy the photos


Tug Argus
Argus commences the rescue
Hermes, Ardent and Roosevelt
Ardent resting in between events
The Roosevelt at speed

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