Fleet Base Perth-Sail Day

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Fleet Base Perth-Sail Day

Postby SergeSera » 02 Oct 2017 20:34

Good Evening All,

Been a while since a report has been submitted from the West, some of us have had roster changes with work, so unable to attend sail days it all sorted now.
Sail day yesterday - Sunday, usual venue Jackadder lake, in attendance were
Rob R with Peter the Great, Peter P with submarine Scorpion, Nige R and Graeme W with Toowoomba, Bob G with Missouri and Serge S (me) with Ardent.
We had a special visitor Steve Loach who is the Coordinator for WASMEX WA Scale Model exhibition, and he came down to see us sail and offer any assistance for future exhibitions - Steve also models - mostly planes, he is now moving into ships- he is currently building a 1/100 static model of the WW1 Sub AE2 which was scuttled in Turkish waters - Welcome Steve!
Weather conditions were a bit cool and windy, but otherwise ok and as the day wore the weather got better.
The gremlins were at work early, with Bob G Missouri steering gearing getting jammed, the breeze was useful and pushed the Missouri into shore, unfortunately Bob was unable to repair or reset the rudder servo, so Missouri became a very impressive static display in the anchorage. As you can see from a couple of the photos all models encountered weeds, which wrapped around props, shafts and rudders a few heart in the mouth moments as models were going flat out then came to a shuddering stop, luckily there no rescues required as we managed to limp back. Pete took Scorpion out to deeper waters - well we all had to be a little more observant a couple of close calls- every one yelling stop! I thought Frigates were supposed to hunt subs?
As we were all busy sailing not many photos were taken.
A big Happy Birthday to Graeme Walker - Skipper-Arrow we celebrated with coffee and lamingtons.

Till next time


Pete & Rob-There is something out there!
Toowoomba, Ardent, Peter the Great and Missouri in the anchorage
Tug and Scorpion in the chop
Pete and Scorpion with weed around prop
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Re: Fleet Base Perth-Sail Day

Postby Ahoythere » 03 Oct 2017 00:06

Although windy and cool, it was a great day. A little bit of 'weeding' to the south eastish taught me to navigate better. Thanks for the photo reminder fellas. ;)
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Re: Fleet Base Perth-Sail Day

Postby rritchie71 » 04 Oct 2017 14:05

Catching those golden moments on camera is what friends are for Pete, actually we were all waiting camera in hand to catch you having to wade in after it...... :)


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