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Fleet Base West - Sailing Day, Sunday 30 June 2019

Posted: 04 Jul 2019 23:37
by PearlHarbour52
Sailing day in Perth on Sunday, finally brought along the winter weather with some rain showers but no wind, which aided the boats on the water. Members attending were Glenn, Pete, Bob, Ron, Jeffrey and Peter, which aided the banter for the day.
Glenn brought along his HMS Brilliant, which is slowly coming along nicely and is always rides the waves well as the design of the Type 22 was designed to do.
Pete brought out his USS Constellation where he was testing the new water ballast system for her. Always very impressive on the water, she cut a fine sight on the lake at a distance and close inshore. Even when she had finished sailing for the day, it took a man team to haul her out of the water by the old block and tackle system.