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Jackadder Lake Survey 21st Feb 2016

Posted: 21 Feb 2016 20:33
by rritchie71
This is really only relevant to the Perth guys, but it’s the easiest way to share a video and it keeps it for reference for the next run.

I did a “Survey” of the sand banks this afternoon using Roosevelt and her FPV, it’s not the best video as there is a lot of glare off the water, but it’s decent enough.

Sandbanks (20sconds in) - About 8 meters off I turn to Port and when the sun comes out, you can see the sandy bottom until I sail further out for safety. So knowing what the FPV picks up when the model is at the anchorage, I would estimate about 30cm of water under the keel of Roosevelt there.

Fence post (2:20 min in) - the water is dark again, so over half a meter of water under the keel there still, but the fence post is half way out, so probably not much more than that.

So, remember where the shoreline was today (at the bottom of the reed bank at the anchorage) and that tells you at this water level, you can safely sail to the fence post and round it, but after that it shallows out early and gets risky. The lake is effectively cut in half now.