Combat Approved (RT YouTube series)

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Combat Approved (RT YouTube series)

Postby CarlLinkenbagh » 14 Jul 2019 16:37

I've just discovered a fantastic series on YouTube called 'Combat Approved'. Here is a link to the channel: ... Eg3goPTLCa

If you have an interest in Russian military technology (either at sea, on land or in the air) then these clips are well worth a look. They're presented in a combination of English and Russian with subtitles where appropriate.

The submarine ones in particular are excellent. They have clips about the new Yasen class SSN, the Project 667 (Delta IV) SSBN and Project 971 (Akula) SSN. Each has lots of fantastic shots of the submarines both internally and externally. My favourite shots are of the two huge and very menacing 971s TIGER and PANTERA moored side by side alongside their pier in the Arctic surrounded by ice and snow.

One thing that made me laugh in one of the clips was the claim that the Russians were the first to solve the problem of launching SLBMs whilst submerged. This is not true! The USN were the first to pull off that little trick with Polaris. Another good one was in another RT documentary called 'Seven Seas of Ice' (about the Atomflot nuclear icebreakers) which claimed that 'not one of the icebreakers has ever had a nuclear accident'. Ummm, that's also not true. The LENIN had at least two in the 1960s, both of which were very serious.......

But hey, you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Take the porky pies with a grain of salt and enjoy.

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