Cape Class Patrol Boat

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Cape Class Patrol Boat

Postby sjbatche » 11 Jan 2013 19:14

The first of eight new Australian Customs boats has hit the water. Similar to the Armidale Class Patrol Boats, the Cape Class Patrol Boats will be a valuable addition to the Australian Customs fleet and hopefully they will eventually take a little of the pressure off the Navy with boarder protection duties.

I think that I have found my next project, already started on some drawings. Can't wait for more photos to be released in the coming months.

Some information is available from the Austal and Customs web sites.


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Re: Cape Class Patrol Boat

Postby MikeJames » 12 Jan 2013 14:27

Hope that blue isn't the final livery, it's ugly as a hat full of arseholes (IMHO).

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Re: Cape Class Patrol Boat

Postby MichaelB » 13 Jan 2013 16:30

I still wonder why they don't build something bigger which can take a helicopter. May be not as fast as these but the chopper would have the range to search & rescue a fair way out as well.

On top of that, being bigger would cater for all these new australians they keep picking up.

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