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mission reports

Posted: 08 Dec 2015 08:46
by Steventico
Hi Guys
:hlp: Hope you can help me, over the years I have enjoyed looking at the mission reports of each year :D but for past 2yrs there been no reports
Also as new member to this forum I thought I would ask, as I already know several people either thought forum our have meet in person :D :D

P/S Guys congratulations on task force 72 20yrs anniversary and also, thanks to Michael B for the email and the photos attached


Re: mission reports

Posted: 08 Dec 2015 20:10
by BsHvyCgn9
As far as I know we had a problem with loading the reports, so those of us that like to do them just post stuff in club running days section instead.

Cheers Bruce

Re: mission reports

Posted: 09 Dec 2015 09:15
by TeresaFrench
It's something we are working on fixing soon. Hopefully we will get as many old reports up as we can (I have to go fossick to find all the really old ones and was planning on doing that over the xmas break).

Re: mission reports

Posted: 10 Dec 2015 11:11
by Steventico
Hi Teresa

Thanks for the info ,the reason for asking is that when I do shows with guys and display our range of 72 scale warships in the UK and always asked where we get our hulls from and info is provided to these visiters .also and still amazed that these visiter people don,t know about task force 72
and we direct them to the web site ,and that what was good about the mission reports people can view the photos without registering

It was from that I found out about these semi kits and then placed order with Allan pew and also got the info from your other half regarding the Canadian hulls and also about fitting for the new AWD again provided by Russ, and as result from that Johnathan has spend the weekends as guest at my home during his visiter to UK when visiting his family so can meet up with warship guys and have a good sail and a laugh
which if am sure there is a picture of him at our show in the model boat mag which was done by Dave Wooley