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Finally presenting myself

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 01:27
by SwissBenny
Good afternoon or rather good morning,

Okay I confess: I a bit slow with some things…. I visited the annual regatta in, I think it was 2013 and joined the taskforce that very day. However I was following the club for quite a while before as I am addicted to scale model building in 1/72 since my childhood. In the past I mainly build aircrafts and helicopters such as the RAN SH-60B depicted in the picture attached to this post.

My first visit to Australia was in ’92 and the first thing I did when arriving at my aunt’s place in Townsville at the time, was going to sail with her boss to Magnetic Island. Coming from landlocked Switzerland I discovered a sincere interest in sailing and ships. I therefore some years ago started building model ships in 1/72. Being a full time scientist at one of our universities over here however deprives me of time. This results in a really slow progress.
I try to come as often to Australia as I can to visit my aunt, now Wodonga and the friends I made during my postdoctoral year in Brisbane. And I also hope to be able to once in a while plague you with my presence at club running days during my visits. So please don’t be surprise when suddenly some guy with a strong accent appears and says he is from the far side of the world :gu:
And while I have not posted my projects here yet, something I try to change, I regularly follow your brilliant work and wish that beaming me Down Under would not just be science fiction.

Like others in this hobby I have several projects running at the same time. Ranging from smaller crafts like HNLMS Linge (A874) or HMS Bluebell (K80) over HMAS Vampire (D11) and HMS St Albans (F83) up to larger projects like HMS Ocean (L12). The latter I am building with some friends of mine.

So now I hope you have some idea who that SwissBenny guy is :yes:

Kind regards from the cheese and chocolate country with no sea but plenty of mountains

Re: Finally presenting myself

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 11:06
by BsHvyCgn9
I'm sure no body minds you rolling up mate!! more the merrier :) :)

A sweet looking Seahawk model too, post some more pictures of you other works when you have time.

Cheers Bruce B2 :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:

Re: Finally presenting myself

Posted: 13 Nov 2016 13:25
by RussF172
Nice to see you on here Benny. I remember the day you came up to the regatta and introduced yourself to me. I know the feeling of lack of time and would love to have more private time to do the models I want. Do hope to see you over here again soon.

Re: Finally presenting myself

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 14:33
by kimwhite
Hi Benny
Welcome to the Forum. I edit our online magazine, and everyone will tell you I'm always hungry for submissions. :yes:
I'd be very happy if you would be able to write an article for Clear Lower Deck about yourself and the ship modelling scene in Switzerland. I for one would really like to learn more about HMS Ocean. Don't forget to include 3-6 good photos of you and your models.
All the best
HMS Invincible

Re: Finally presenting myself

Posted: 25 Feb 2019 20:24
by scott154
Hi Benny, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some more of your work. Scott