Powering a small model - Fremantle

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Powering a small model - Fremantle

Postby sjbatche » 28 Jun 2010 21:16

Another of my small models is the Fremantle Class Patrol Boat HMAS Wollongong ll. This model is smaller than the Armidale and therefore has even less displacement.

I have used the same motor and speed controller as in the Armidale but this time the prop shafts are driven by pulleys with rubber bands as drive belts. There is a micro receiver and a 9 gm servo for the rudder. The battery I use in this model is a 7.4V, 900mah LiPo. I used to use a small 6V NiCad battery but I have found that the performance has improved significantly with the 7.4V LiPo.

This speed controller has a BEC function so the one small battery powers the motor and supplies 6V to the receiver/servo. I found out the hard way that these micro receivers and servos don’t like anything more than 6V. If you plug them straight into the 7.4V battery you let the smoke out and things don’t work anymore.

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Re: Powering a small model - Fremantle

Postby Skipper46 » 29 Jun 2010 08:42

Thanks for this advice and that for ARMIDALE. Been looking at smaller ships and this is very useful..
Cheers Dave P :taz:

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