Small Harbour Tug

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Small Harbour Tug

Postby sjbatche » 29 Jun 2010 20:28

This tug is the smallest of my models and at only 210 mm long it provided quite a challenge to make it functional.

I have used a micro receiver and a 9gm micro servo for the rudder. To drive the model I have striped down a standard servo and removed the case and all of the gears. I desoldered the motor from the circuit board an soldered short wires between the board and the motor terminals so that the motor could be mounted away from the board. The electronics of the servo then act as the speed controller giving proportional control both forward and backwards. For power I use four 1.5V AAA batteries giving 6V. It is all a bit of a squeeze to fit everything in and it has been a bit temperamental at times but I think that it is all sorted out now. Not the sort of model to put out on a large lake in rough water but a bit of a novelty and ok in calm water.



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