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New Free Monthly Sub Magazine - Subdrivers Gazette

Postby SlatsSSN » 07 Jul 2011 22:33

Hi guys,
just thought I'd mention that the new Subdrivers Gazette magazine is available on line and for free via the Subdrivers forum site.
The mag fills a much need void in the Submarine hobby, providing informative information on all the latest technology and kits available to the hobby. The fact that its free is a bonus.

Follow the link below for the July Edition and download the PDF under the heading attachments ... -july-2011

Back issues can be found via the Subdrivers Forum page ... t/Index/48

If people would like each Edition e-mailed every month go to this link to register ... iling-list

The July Edition contains all the details on the new Foxtrot 1/72 kit, on going refinement to 1/72 torpedoes, a bit of write on the Central Coast Sub Regatta, and much more.

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