Fleet Base Perth - Sail Day 5 August 2018

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Fleet Base Perth - Sail Day 5 August 2018

Postby PearlHarbour52 » 06 Aug 2018 23:40

Sunday saw the weather for once dry and windy for a change as we have had an usual winter of driving rain and wind which is strange compared to the dry conditions that the east coast is currently experiencing.

Members that attended yesterday were Nigel, Graeme, Pete, Glen and Bob. Glen brought down his HMS Hermes which has now started to embarked its air wing of FRS 1 Sea Harriers, which further plans to include its complement of helicopters which will look impressive once completed.
Hermes looked impressive on the water , particularly at full speed and in the turn. Over here in the West, we are slowly building models of the Falklands War and hope to soon have our own Task Force.

Nigel brought down his ever reliable HMAS Toowoomba but there was some strong competition amongst the members for the Sunday morning 'Crazy Ivan' award after a number of Captains attempted to gain this prestigious prize. However, all was not lost and reputations and prides remained intact.
Hermes (3).JPG
Hermes (2).JPG
HMS Hermes with Sea Harriers embarked
Hermes (1).JPG
HMS Hermes alongside wharf

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