Three Anzacs

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Three Anzacs

Postby MikeJames » 20 Sep 2018 11:15

Thought people might like this shot of almost 40% of our Anzac frigate force sitting on the hardstand in one place.

BAE Systems Australia Welcomes Third ANZAC Class Ship to Henderson

An unusual view of Australian ANZAC-class frigates at BAE’s dockyard in South Australia. The third frigate has arrived there to undergo the AMCAP upgrade, and all ten upgraded ships of this class will return to active service by 2023. (BAE photo)

BAE Systems Australia has welcomed a third ANZAC class warship to its Henderson facility as part of the fleet upgrade to keep the ships in service until they are replaced by the Hunter class frigates.

The Mid Life Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) upgrade is being undertaken at Henderson by the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) Alliance.

HMAS Anzac’s docking marks a significant milestone for BAE Systems, where it joins sister ships Perth and Arunta. This will be the first time that three warships have been on the hardstand at the Henderson facility.

HMAS Anzac will be the second ship to receive the AMCAP upgrade which includes:

-- Upgraded ventilation systems;
-- New sewage systems;
-- Improvements to the diesel engines to improve power and efficiency;
-- Replacement of the air search radar capability with the Australian CEA L-Band radar; and
-- Replacement of the full communications suite on the ship.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, Gabby Costigan, said: “The upgrade of the ANZAC fleet, through our role in the WAMA alliance, demonstrates the breadth and depth of work that BAE Systems Australia has done to date in the sustainment of the ANZAC class fleet over more than two decades.

“BAE Systems is an Australian industry leader in maritime sustainment. We are very proud of the skilled workforce capacity that we have grown to meet the technical challenges of maritime sustainment.”

HMAS Arunta, the first of class AMCAP ship, most recently had her old mast removed to make way for the installation of a newly developed Air Search Radar System. The new mast is currently being manufactured by BAE Systems and scheduled to be installed at the end of October.

(That is the mast that replaces the masts visable on Anzac and Perth in the shot above, removing the SPS-49 radar and fitting a new radar mast with a new phased aray system that will compliment the CEAFAR system already in use)

Australian company CEA Technologies is responsible for developing the new Air Search Radar System that complements the existing Anti-Ship Missile Defence system.

HMAS Arunta will undock before the end of the year after having spent more than 12 months on the hard stand. She will then undertake sea trials ahead of a planned return to service in 2019.

The remaining seven ships will be back in service by 2023.
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Re: Three Anzacs

Postby littoralcombat » 20 Sep 2018 11:30

I drive past BAE everyday, and as well as these three, there was one steaming around in Cockburn Sound off Garden Island this Morning. I can't make out if any are alongside.
My Neighbour is on HMAS Stuart, we know she was part of Kakadu 18, and he is still away.

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