Recent decommissioned ships

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Recent decommissioned ships

Postby glenhowells » 01 Jul 2019 14:43

With the weekend passed so to Success and Newcastle have crossed the bar. with that may be the crew less Anzac frigate can be crewed now. Melbourne will go soon as well, surely there is personal available to form a crew and get a tax payer funded unit back to sea.
Cheers Glen
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Re: Recent decommissioned ships

Postby kitlowran » 07 Jul 2019 20:55

Only if they're FFH trained. There's also the issue of shore respite after a sea posting.
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Re: Recent decommissioned ships

Postby littoralcombat » 07 Jul 2019 21:05

Should be plenty of FFH trained crew available. Five Anzacs at Henderson currently, three up on the hard at BAE, one in the floating Drydock, and one alongside. I know that the two latter are probably fully manned, but how on Earth are we hoping to crew Twelve SSK's in the future. Plenty of investment in platforms, but not in Personnel it seems?
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