FB Gulf Waters

Fleet Base Gulf Waters (SA) can be contacted at gulfwaters(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)taskforce72.org

Adelaide, South Australia

FBGW originally started with only one (1) member, our inaugural State Co – ordinator. After a few years of holding meetings in the local phone box, & sick & tired of talking to himself, rang a fellow member in HQ who informed him of another new member, which inturn led to the discovery of two (2) more new members. So, after several phone calls, all met at our State Co – ordinators abode for a sausage sizzle & refreshments.

A few months later after discussions with HQ, our Fleet Base was formed & have since recruited two (2) new members, with a possible 2 more in the pipeline.

2009 also saw us start to organize infrequent running days for the members & the greater association. After hearing of an upcoming model display & a few phone calls, were invited to put some models on display, which we duly did & raised a few eyebrows as to the amount of time & effort that goes into building our vessels. Subsequently we are on the annual list of associations to show their models at this event, to which the venue and date has changed since its original beginnings.


FBGW has gone from strength to strength since those early days.  We now conduct two ( 2 ) sail days each month.  Our regular sail day is held on the fourth ( 4th ) Sunday at Bonython Park Boat Pond , Port Rd, Thebarton.  The second ( 2nd )sail day is held on the second Sunday at an alternative venue , which is decided on at our Monthly Meetings , with these being held on the second ( 2nd ) Wednesday of the month.  This was started as a means to discuss all things modelling , local issues that may arise but also items regarding the association in general , and therefore enable everyone to concentrate on sailing on our sail days and to provide information about modelling in general and the association to the public.

One event that really has come to the fore is our annual Southern Regatta at Naracoorte. This came about as a suggested venue from one of our original members, who’s family holidayed at the caravan park  over xmas / New Year regularly.  A request to the local council about the possibility of using the Swimming Lake as a sailing venue was sought and after contacting the FBV rep , a gathering of members from both Fleet Bases met in April 2011 , at the end of the swimming season , which runs from 01 December through to the 31st March.  A discussion was held as to the best time of the year to conduct the event and it was decided on November , prior to the swimming season starting , as the weather would be more favourable.

Approval was sought and given by the Naracoorte / Lucindale Council to conduct our first ( 1st ) regatta in November that year ( 2011 ) and as everyone knows , it is now an annual event.  The pinnacle for this venue was when FBGW hosted the National Annual Regatta for the association in November of 2014 .  This resulted in a success not only for FBGW but for all members who attended and also for the local community.

FBGW continues to seek out new venues . To participate in displays the the hope to attract new members , whilst letting the public know who we are and what we are about and do.

Also , FBGW has seen an increase of NON military vessels . to the delight of several of our members.





Under Construction

R.A.N. Battle class Destroyer



( KID Class Destroyer )
under construction
Builder – Scott Rice





Spruance class Destroyer

HMAS Parramatta
( DE ) 1969
under construction
Builder – Brenton Tancock.


Fleet Base Gulf Waters (SA) can be contacted at gulfwaters(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)taskforce72.org