FB Perth

Fleet Base Perth (WA) can be contacted at fbp(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)taskforce72.org

Founded in late 2008 by several former members of Task Force 72 who had settled in Western Australia after careers that had seen them move around the country, these modellers conducted their first sailing day under the auspices of the club in early 2009.

Western Australia is home to a small but growing band of ship modellers building in 1:72, and it is hoped to bring as many of them as possible together under one banner as members of Fleet Base Perth.

As Western Australia is home to half the Royal Australian navy’s major warships, it is only appropriate that it also play host to a group of dedicated ship modellers who are members of the only same-scale national model boat club, Task Force 72.

While the members of Fleet Base Perth have mostly completed modern warships, it is understood that a number of other vessels are under construction or contemplated.

Operating at Sanctuary Waters and Rockingham, and seeking additional venues, the members of Fleet Base Perth encourage members of the public to come and watch, and if interested, join up and take part.

Running days will be posted on the calendar page of this website as will ‘post-mission reports’ highlighting the activities of Fleet Base Perth members.

While it is early days yet, the members of both Fleet Base Perth and the wider club are both looking forward to the day when they have grown large enough to hold their own annual state regatta, as a compliment to the club’s national regatta.

Currently Fleet Base Perth ship models completed or under construction include;

RFS Arkhangelsk Typhoon ballistic missile submarine

HMS Manchester; a Royal Navy Type 42 air warfare destroyer

HMS Cornwall type 22 Batch III

HMAS Darwin; an Adelaide class guided missile frigate of the Royal Australian Navy

HMAS Vendetta – Daring Class Destroyer

tf72iconHMAS Success; a Royal Australian Navy replenishment ship

General Wolf

RFS Storozhevoy, owned by Ewan McDonald.
HMS Mersey Seabex one – Dive support vessel
HMS Derwent by Glen Howells. PT109 – Hillary Rue

Fleet Base Perth (WA) can be contacted at fbp(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)taskforce72.org