Carriers & Escorts Weekend Mission Report 1911 – 8 & 9 June 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1911

Date of Mission: Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 June 2019

Location of Mission: Carrier & Escorts Weekend, Wagga Wagga Aquatic Centre


The weather god was kind to us this year with no rain over the two days although Saturday morning was cold and it didn’t really warm up until at least lunch time. Sunday was not as cold as Saturday morning with clear blue skies all day.

Ships in Attendance:

Too numerous to mention with everything from two carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Submarines down to patrol boats.

Members in Attendance:

Sydney Fleet Base members were Phil Chapman, Rob Ritchie, Peter Schroder, Phil Sommerville, Mark Buttsworth, Craig Taylor, Tony Page, Dave, Josh & Lachlan Pearce, Rob Corner, Brian McKellar and Richard Dawson from Fleet Base Hunter Central.

Mission Actions:

Another great Carriers & Escorts weekend from the Wagga boys. General sailing took place over both days with plenty of action and a couple of collisions thrown in as well. Two 1/72 scale Carriers present over the weekend with lots of formation sailing around them. My LA Attack sub USS Cheyenne finally behaved itself so it looks like I have finally got the bugs out of it. Some Air Boat action at the end of both days sailing with Lachy & Josh, Craig, Tony, Rob and myself finished off another great weekend. If you haven’t had the chance to attend a Carriers & Escorts Weekend I would highly recommend it to you.