Navy Arvo Mission Report 1912 – 6 July

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1912

Date of Mission: Navy Arvo Saturday 6 July 2019

Location of Mission: Workers Hubertus Country Club


Weather was good, and not too cold considering it was a night sail. A jacket and beanie were all we needed.

Ships in Attendance:

A typical Navy Arvo with various scale models in attendance.

Members in Attendance:

Dave Pearce, Rob Corner, Craig Taylor, Tony Page, Phil Chapman.

Mission Actions:

This was Navy Arvo’s annual night sail. General sailing took place earlier in the day by those who didn’t want to night sail. The five of us who night sailed had an enjoyable time. We started sailing late in the afternoon thru dusk and by 1730 it was completely dark. The models looked great with the setting sun behind them. Dave Pearce chased us around the lake with one of his sons police airboat and Rob’s large Armidale Patrol Boat was that bright with newly installed blue LED’s put on that day we almost needed sunglasses. For those who haven’t attended one of our night sails I can recommend it. It’s a lot of fun and you don’t need much in the way of lights on one of your models to enjoy the sail. We had packed up by 1815 as it was starting to get quite cold. A great night sail.