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Postby PearlHarbour52 » 12 May 2019 23:42

Fleet Base Perth had the pleasure of attending its fourth year to the annual Western Australia Scale Model Exhibition (WASMEX) at the Cannington Exhibition Centre on 4 & 5 May. This is major display that we love attending each year as it us focussed mainly on scale modelling from boats, planes, science fiction, cars, and general scale models.

Attending the event for the two days were Andrew, Nigel, Bob, Glenn and Pete displaying a various number of boat, both completed and in various stages of construction.

Glenn brought along his impressive model of HMS Hermes , with grows every time we see it. He has not purchase all the aircraft for its complement and are slowly being finished one by one and once finished will look amazing both on the water and static, as she looked during the Falklands War.

Bob brought with him his magnificent scratchbuilt model of the Japanese Battleship, the Yamato. Bob has previously built the KMS Bismarck and the USS Missouri and even has plans for another one after the Yamato. The hull is of superb quality showing the majestic lines of the ship and with his long career at TAFE teaching 3D programming, all the superstructure is 3D printed and superb in detail. With the model half finished, it is now a matter of super detailing will take another couple of years to complete.

Overall a great two days for us and some keen interest form people wishing to join.
Yamato's superstructure
Yamato from the bow view
Yamato from the stbd bow
Yamato from the stbd quarter
Bob's IJN Yamato
Glen's HMS Hermes will aircraft embarked
Glenn's HMS Hermes
Pete's HMAS Darwin
Bob's HMAS Toowoomba
Pete's USS Scorpion
Andrew's HNLMS Tromp
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Re: WASMEX 2019

Postby greyhair » 13 May 2019 09:04

Well done guys, a fantastic display, top models. The bigger models certainly add presence to the room. Congratulations on yet another successful WASMEX.
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Re: WASMEX 2019

Postby MikeJames » 13 May 2019 19:22

Thanks for the lovely images guys, they formed the basis for an excellent post on the clubs Facebook page.


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