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USN CV training

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 22:48
by MikeJames
A video showing training of a USN CV group.

The first part of the video shows the carrier along with two Burkes and a Tico plus helos and a patrol boat, training to fend of Iranian swarming tactics using small fast boats.

The rest is flight operations.


Re: USN CV training

Posted: 16 Dec 2016 00:26
by littoralcombat
Nice Video Mike....In all seriousness, how can any other Navy hope to challenge and defeat such overwhelming numbers, technology and professionalism, all in the hands of a very vocal property developer :gu:

Re: USN CV training

Posted: 16 Dec 2016 09:24
by MikeJames
The Chinese believe they can do so through several strategies.

1. Surprise attack using overwhelming forces ignoring such niceties as concern for civilian casualties, collateral damage and declarations of war. In Chinese military writing they state that conflict should start with ballistic missile attacks on Guam, Yokosuka, Okinawa and other bases for Western forces

2. A willingness to ignore friendly losses in pursuit of an objective. They don't care if they lose all of their submarine and surface fleet if they hold off the US long enough to conquer Taiwan. In their eyes that's a fair trade.

3. A willingness to burn the house down to get what they want. The Chinese have said they are willing to destroy the GPS satellite constellation if it makes it harder for the US, despite the global effect this would have on the entire world. Similarly they have said the same for the array of communications satellites that allow global commerce and telecommunications, ebven though this would overnight cripple the global economy and probably usher in a recession worse than 2008.

4. The ruthlessness to do whatever it takes, if that means destroying the internet and global communications and power networks through hacking and cyberwarfare, using chemical and nuclear weapons from the start and the willingness to ignore pretty much every rule of war to achieve their aims.

The problem is that the Chinese leadership may actually believe their own propaganda about their military capabilities and their political rhetoric about how weak the democratic west is and actually try it on.

They forget that the only combat use of nuclear weapons was authorised and carried out by a democratically-elected Western government.

God help all of us if the Chinese chance their arm on Taiwan or the South China Sea.