Drafts and file or picture attachments

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Drafts and file or picture attachments

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Any draft you save can be accessed through you User Control Panel. This is accessed just below the “Homepage” Button.
Under the Overview Tab is an option called Manage Drafts. Your draft will be waiting there.
In the column SAVED AT will be the date you saved it and option to load, view or edit. If you load it back into the system you can post it from there.

To attach a file or picture, in the Post New Topic form at the bottom below the text window is a tab called “Upload Attachment” (if you have the right access) :taz: here you browse for your file then click the “Add File” button. The file isn’t in the post yet but is waiting for you to select the position in your text where you want it to go. Position the cursor where you want the picture and then press the “Place in Line” button to put it in the text.

Then all you need to do is SUBMIT
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