Fleet Base Perth - Sail Day 3 March 2019

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Fleet Base Perth - Sail Day 3 March 2019

Postby PearlHarbour52 » 08 Mar 2019 23:22

It was a beautiful but gusty day with HMAS Darwin, HMS Brilliant, HMAS Toowoomba and Bobs fishing boat all braving sea state 3. HMAS Toowoomba in true form attempted to become a submarine. HMAS Darwin thought she would like to be a sail boat, no wait a minute, it was a strong gust that sent her starboard waist getting wash by the swell. She returned to her mooring and the crew were cleaning her decks for the rest of the morning. Glen had purchased Serge Serafini's HMS Brilliant (RIP Serge) sailed well, her wiring tidied up for just basic running and seeing it was a beautiful sunny day, her lights were not required.
Tony popped in to catch up and talk tech with myself and a little while later, Sean (the new guy) dropped in to catch up and we made him feel welcome and after all the talking of what Sean was building, Flower Class, Bob let him sail his fishing boat. It was a sight to behold as we all decided to go out and congregate in the one area as the rest of the lake was taken by the birds, swans and weed, it was still windy and Sean did a great job of not colliding with any of the Russians that were obviously operating the other ships.
All in all it was a great morning, you would have enjoyed it.
Skippers in attendance were Glen with HMS Brilliant, Nigel with HMAS Toowoomba, Bob with Bobs fishing boat and myself with HMAS Darwin.
Other attendees were Tony, came to catch up and talk tech and note taking and Sean who did say he would be looking at joining but we didn’t have a form to give him so we told him to give you a bell/email to get the form. He seem to be a nice bloke, ex Army, currently in Bridgetown looking to transfer back to Perth and get into ship building.
DSCF3350 (1).JPG
HMS Brilliant
DSCF3348 (1).JPG
HMS Brilliant at the her buoy
DSCF3352 (1).JPG
Bob's Fishing Boat, Bensiersel
DSCF3349 (1).JPG
HMAS Toowoomba at her buoy

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