Fast Transport Ships

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Fast Transport Ships

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Hi All,

Came across this video of the US Navy's New Fast Transport Ships

The Navy has now awarded EPF-builder Austal USA a more than $230 million deal to build a new EPF 15. The Navy has already received its 12th EPF from AUSTAL USA, and EPF 13 is already underway. EPF 12, called USNS Newport, will be owned and operated by Military Sealift Command.

High-speed maneuver, coupled with heavy equipment transport technology, introduces some interesting tactical advantages to Maritime warfare. For example, operating with a range of twelve hundred miles can enable crucial transport without having to operate large, deep-draft big-deck ships in high-risk areas.

The speed of the vessels also align with the Navy’s Distributed Maritime Operations concept, a strategy intended to maximize warfare reach through the integrated use of drone boats, advanced networking, long-range weapons, and dispersed or disaggregated attack.

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