A problem coming up for US subs?

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A problem coming up for US subs?

Post by MichaelB »

Just came across this on the internet. Wonder if there is a flow on from it to surface vessels to0.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/metal ... ar-AAQt5Fq
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Re: A problem coming up for US subs?

Post by Spartacus01 »

I think they would be urgently digging into any material certificates that passed through this person's hands. You would think that checking would require more than one person being responsible for such essential material certification.

I remember our engineering co. had problems with the standard of steel flange material in the late 70's being used on a gas pipeline in South Australia that came from C...., and the certificates were found to be dodgy, resulting in lots of material replacement and re-work.

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