2112 Hubertus run

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2112 Hubertus run

Post by MikeJames »

Grey skies and brown water greeted us for the December Navy Arvo run at Hubertus club.

While the latter was expected (run off from the construction of the new international airport next door) the grey skies were not.

We had a good roll up, with the usual suspects and some new starters. A stand out was the first sight of a nice model of the RN Ch class destroyer HMS Chequers by a potential new member. I missed his name but not the model, which looked nice out on the water.


Mike Brown tore about in his RAF boat and gave Cleo a long overdue run, Tony P put his partially completed coastal tramp steamer through its paces and decided it needed a new prop, Craig ran his newly acquired Dzerzhinsky (ex-John K and Peter S), Alan P ran Bissenden while others such as Phil C and Mike J gave Kirk, Guernsey and Protector some on-water time.








Dave P was a late arrival but made up for it by trialling his new acquisition, the French salvage tug Abielle Liberte in 1:50 ( formerly owned by Gunter of Fleet Base Gulf Waters).


A very big, very heavy boat (plank on frame and 4 7.2 ah SLAs plus lead ballast), which Dave insisted on carrying to the water solo, we noticed he got help to carry it back later though. He had some minor engineering hassles, as can be seen here, as he puts his best foot forward for the camera.


After a few hours sailing we repaired to club for Christmas lunch and drinks. A good day all round.

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