Russian Tarantul II lost to USV attack

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Russian Tarantul II lost to USV attack

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Media are reporting that the Tarantul II missile corvette Ivanovets was hit by multiple Ukrainian unmanned surface vehicles.
Ivanovets 01.jpg
Ivanovets 01.jpg (59.51 KiB) Viewed 1480 times
With defensive fire having been avoided by the USVs, Ivanovets tried to outrun them, but one overtook the corvette and hit directly on the stern. A second hit to the waterline outboard of the engine room left the corvette immobilised, where it was hit by at least two more, hitting the same locations as the previous stern and engine room strikes.

Imagery of the attack was fed back by camera's in the various USVs, including post strike analysis from surviving USVs that showed the ship sinking, stern first.

Ivanovets sinking.jpg
Ivanovets sinking.jpg (41.09 KiB) Viewed 1480 times
The Black Sea is becoming an increasingly perilous place for the Russian Navy.

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