Uralla Model Boat Lake

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Uralla Model Boat Lake

Postby RussF172 » 02 May 2021 17:15

After a few years of making presentations to council and the local community,I did another presentation to the community and councillors on Thursday the 22nd of April. I took CHURCHILL down, along with lots of photos and information about how it could be done, to our local Bowling Club where 9 plans (ideas) were presented to a large crowd. We each had 5 minutes to explain our idea along with how it might affect the local community with tourism, benefits etc. Everything from new playground equipment, educational parks, an open air amphitheatre, walking tracks and a open air observatory and constellation park.

Following the presentations people got to wander around, ask questions and sign a letter of support for the idea. These were then put on public display and online where more support signatures could be added. These were collected by one of our local councillors and he ideas presented to the council general meeting held on Tuesday the 27th of April for the 9 councillors to vote on. The council recently received a state grant of just over $2 Million for improvements to parks and areas around the Uralla Township.

It was announced late last week that several of the ideas gained full support of the council and the model boating lake is one of them. :clap:

At the moment, I'm not sure when they will start, however they have been asking for ideas and what we might like to make the model boating lake usable and suitable for sailing. It's not a huge area however with a little bit of work it could be a great fun area to sail in with a wide channel, island(s), a jetty, launching area and a boat ramp type launching area also. More tables and chairs will be built around the lake and hopefully a large covered area for setting up tables for displays, so no need for marquees. New electric BBQs will be added to the existing ones and a new toilet block in very close. We may even get a bridge over the channel to cross over to the main area. There is also a large flat area where we hope the covered area can be placed and additional marquees placed if needed. You can also drive from the side road directly into this area to unload and load straight to the waters edge.

I've attached some photos here, but you must remember that this was once a clear open area of water but has been let go over many years and is now completely covered in reeds. There is plenty of water in there and it is not very deep. Around 2m in the middle with most of it around -5 to 1m in depth. I've had a neighbour take some photos with his drone so we could mark out where we might place things.

There is still lots to plan out with the council and a bit of work with removing all the reeds and dredging out but it is all in their scope of work for this area. There are two great pubs, a large modern motel, lots of cafes (8 of them), a large modern caravan park and lots of speciality shops and a museum, all within an easy flat walk and it is right on the New England Highway.

I am so pleased that the work has paid off and we will get somewhere to sail here as the numbers of model boat enthusiasts are increasing in the area. I hope that once everything is done that we can have a small weekend regatta up here and encourage a few of you to make the trip up to this part of the world. I am hoping that all the work will be done before late spring or early summer as we are expecting a fair bit of rain up here which will top up the lake and flush it through after the dredging is done.

I'll keep everyone informed of the progress up here.
The Glen.jpg
The drone photo of the area. The channel heads off to the top right of the photo and goes for around 50m and is around 5m wide. You can see the possible island(s) in the photo in light green.
The large flat area where a covered area and BBQs may go. It is right next to the road and the channel to the lake.
You can see the reeds in the lake at the end.
Looking towards the flat area from the other end of the lake. The channel goes off to the right.
Looking back along the smaller access road to the Constellation Park. This small road crosses over the outlet of the lake to the Uralla Creek and connects to Barleyfields Road which heads out to the Lockheed Martin Satellite Tracking Station.
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Re: Uralla Model Boat Lake

Postby MikeJames » 02 May 2021 22:44

Good work Russ,

Once complete perhaps organise a major run day over a holiday weekend such as the October long weekend (if it's finished in time)

That would be a great way to christen the new lake.

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Re: Uralla Model Boat Lake

Postby fastone045 » 03 May 2021 13:03

Sounds great Russ, I will come up and down in the future for a sail.

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Re: Uralla Model Boat Lake

Postby scott154 » 05 May 2021 19:32

A fantastic effort there Russ and I'm sure your vessels had a lot of interest. Looking forward to your updates on this. BZ. Scott

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