Tank testing a real cruise ship

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Tank testing a real cruise ship

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Looks like the real world does this too. Most cruise ships are built complete in situ. This one had the hull built 9 days sailing away (by tug) to where the she was fitted out and completed.


She is the third Ultra Luxury Cruiseship built by T.Mariotti for Seabourn Cruise Line (the Ultra Luxury Brand of Miami based Carnival Corporation & PLC) for a total order of 550 million Euros.

The 198m long and 26m wide hull and superstructures, about 7500 GRT (hull 5000 tons, superstructures 2500 tons, for a 32000 GRT Ultra Luxury Ship to be delivered May 2011) was built at Ci.Mar. Costruzioni Navali in San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine), the Company formed by T.Mariotti and Cimolai Group for Naval Steel Works.

At San Giorgio di Nogaro the fore and aft sections of Seabourn Quest were built separately, then positioned and aligned at Rijeka (Croatia) floating dock.

All the steel work is done and now Seabourn Quest has arrived in Genova, main engines and major equipment are already installed.

The arrival of Seabourn Quest marks a major milestone in the progress towards delivery in May 2011.

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